Nunkesett's Story

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Nunkesett's Story

Post by zarffyn on Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:21 pm

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Nunkesett sat with his back against the wall as the lights slowly tapered down. As the serving girls handed out the furs, he had quickly grabbed his and staked out a corner, leaving enough room for Tobin if she wanted it.He felt that he might be paranoid, staking out a corner, but being a stranger here he couldn't help but want the extra security it provided.

Sitting down, he pulled out his gear and quickly went over his crossbow, making sure that it was perfect repair. He'd only fired 5 bolts this day, but he wasn't about to take any chances with the crossbow.

"Angar would be angry with me if I let it break from not caring for it, " he thought to himself. "Being lazy would dishonor his memory and sacrifice," he mulled as he wiped some oil into the crank mechanism.

In the five years since he had left home, he'd only seen 2 other crossbows, and those were the lighter varieties. Not only was his a heavy model, but it was also a repeating one. Pull the crank, and the springs and gears hidden inside allowed him to reload it much quicker. Bolts were kept in a clip that slid into the bottom of the stock, allowing a spring to push a new bolt up as the previous was fired off.

"Angar gifted it to me, but he never said how rare Grunn was," he thought as he laid it within easy reach in case of trouble. Beside it, he also set out a leather cap he pulled form his battered pack, with a glass faced lantern attached to it. Checking the cap, he made sure the tinder twigs were tucked into the band that held the lantern to the cap.

Laying back, he loosened his shirt and pants, and kicked his boots off, tucking them under his pack. Even after 2 years, he couldn't help but marvel at how comfortable his armor was. He'd spent the coin to commission a set of Silverite chain, but more importantly, he'd paid for a Restful Sigil to be added to it, allowing him to sleep in it, and get a full nights rest. Traveling by himself it had proved its value many times.


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