Character Introductions

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Character Introductions

Post by zarffyn on Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:20 pm

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Please introduce your character. Include details related to physical appearance, personality and mannerisms, where appropriate.

Example template (not required for use)

Homeland/Current Home:
Preferred Combat Style:
Gender Identity:

Physical Appearance (including important equipment):



Elven female. She has long red hair and violet large set eyes. Her facial tattoo is the smaller form of Mythal: The All Mother.
She is a shy quiet observer of life. She sticks close to Jherek and allows him to speak for the two of them more often than not. When she does speak it is often to ask about the health of others or to speak out against injustice.



Name: Nunkesett of Whispering Winds


Race: Human from the Korcari Wilds

Homeland/Current Home: Wanderer

Class(es): Fighter

Preferred Combat Style: Distance with a crossbow

Age: 21

Gender Identity: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Appearance (including important equipment):

Nunkesett dresses in well worn brown, but well cared for leather clothes. His pants are a deep brown, tucked into knee high hard leather boots that seem bulky enough that at first glance could pass for armor. He wears a brown leather vest over a simple white linen shirt. Peeking out from under his shirt at times one can see silverite chain mail, the links so fine as almost not to exist.

Over this he wears a brown leather cloak, the leather so soft it feels almost like cloth, but still able to repel water.

He is young, but his well tanned face shows the time spent growing up outdoors in the harsh tundra and forest of the Korcari Wilds. A beard as black as his hair is well groomed and follows his jaw line, and joins with his mustache.

Black hair that never seems to obey a comb is kept just above his collar because he doesn't like it blowing in his face, so it doesn't hide his deep green eyes.

He seems to move with an almost apathetic grace. Slow, and measured is his way, but when it comes time for action, he has a fluid,deceptive grace to him.

He goes nowhere if he can help it without his large heavy crossbow. The stock and foregrip are carved and worked to look like a red dragon, scaled and muscled. The risers where the bolt leaves the crossbow are worked to look like the dragons head, with a mocking grin etched into the dragons mouth. The limbs of the crossbow are worked to look like the forelimbs with the string held in the clenched claws of the dragon.

A case of bolts rides his left hip, while a plain dagger rides the opposite hip.The pommel of a short blade pokes out from under his left arm, set in a down pull sheath. A matching dagger peeks out from the top of his right boot. A well used backpack contains the rest of his life, except for what is hidden in the pouch on his belt and the copper mug tied to the belt.

A leather thong rides around his neck, but whatever is on it is hidden under his clothes and armor, and the tail of some animal is tattooed around the base of his neck, with red and black fur, but the rest of the animal is hidden as well.

Quick with a smile, Nunkesett is slow to add in his opinion. Intelligence isn't prized in Chasin, when a strong arm is. He learned to let others bluster, or talk and then add his voice to the mix. He will protect those he cares for.


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