Nun's trip to the Gray Wardens

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Nun's trip to the Gray Wardens

Post by zarffyn on Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:18 pm

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Nun awoke to one of the first joys of having an animal friend. He could feel Mardok’s breath on his face as he lay in his bed. Opening an eye, the speckled dog stood beside his bed giving him an expectant look.

“Good boy Mardok. No whining and you didn’t crap in the room. Good boy,” he said as he sat up and scratched the dog between its ears. Nun hurriedly dressed and threw his gladius and the sack containing his training gear over his shoulder as he quickly led the small dog outside in the back alley so Mardok could do his business.

The early dawn slowly slid away as he began putting the young pup through his paces on the skills he was teaching him. Nun had grown up around the various mutts and hounds his village kept, since his Father had been the Master Hunter for the village, so he knew how to train animals, but the Mabari hound was something else. Much more intelligent than he was used to, Mardok seemingly drank in the lessons he was teaching him.

A quick breakfast for both of them, and a visit to the bathhouse, for both of them, Nun decided it was time to visit the Gray Warden Chapter House. Taking the time to clean his gear, he tried to put the best appearance forward he could. Digging deeply into his pack, he retrieved the package from Bastak and slipped it into the pouch on his hip.

Getting directions from the Barkeep, Nun and Mardok made their way through the district, marveling at the hustle and bustle as the city awoke. Mardok wore his plaited rope harness and a leash, just in case of trouble. Some people stared at the crossbow slung over his shoulder, but he moved on, sure in the knowledge that it had been peace knotted.

It wasn’t long until he turned a corner and found the Chapter House. The large stone building looked like it might have once been a warehouse, but work had been done to reinforce it. A banner hung over the large door, where two armored men waited.

Stepping up, he motioned for Mardok to sit as he addressed the guards. “My name is Nunkesett, and Lady Kilina bade me ta find the Chapter House. I bear a package from a gray Warden who has made his Long Walk.”

The Guards nod as if expecting the announcement. Warrior themselves, they look you over , note the peace knot of your weapons, eyes lingering on the crossbow, and motion you in.

"Warden Captain Kilina mentioned someone maybe arriving. We are to show you to one of our order who will reveiw the contents with you...however the Lady herself is not available at the moment.

You are shown in to a mid -sized room with a large oak table and five comfortable chairs. Charts and maps hang up along the walls...obviously some sort of planning or war-time stagedy room, now seeming to be used for any kind of study. Nothing immedately jumps out as note worthy among the maps. After some consideration, you can make out that several of them are of Tevinter or Orlais.

After a few minutes an elf in robes of the Gray Warden mages steps into the room. He bows, but is not friendly and he does not smile or give his name in greeting.
"While many dwarves are comrades of the Grey Wardens, dwarven wardens are somewhat rare. Kilina made some assumptions. Bastak was known to us young man. Now several years departed, he was a bit of an jack of all trades, part craftsman, warrior and investigator. That made him useful beyond fighting dark spawn or the Blight. I was told you carry a package of his...may I see it? I was given orders to view it with you."

(Assuming you do not object...)

*The package is unwrapped and inside a small plain soft pine box is a foot and a half long tappered peice of dark wood, charred at one end.*

While the wood is worn, there are engraved in tarnished greenish brass script, sybmols that can only be elven...though in a style that suggests of Tevinter tapestries or depictions of art or books you might have seen.

The mage with you reads them out aloud.
"There is strength in absence. Absence of weakness, and of limitation. Absence of caution, and of mercy. The Void has always been within."

There is another word written on it...the mage identifies it...a command word...for some magical effect stored within.

The elf turns to you. "My name is Kador...all of this is a bit...beyond me. Let me consult our libraries...and perhaps those of the circle...if they will let us...and I will tell Captain Kilina all that I find out. I am sure she will be in this...may need some explanation...or...further discussion."
Nunkesett followed the Guard into the war room and took his time looking over the maps. He loved looking at maps, partially because he couldn’t help but feel tiny compared to the world writ large, and he just liked knowing where places were.

He couldn’t help but feel a little put out by Kador’s attitude. He hid it, knowing it might be petty, but to just walk in and get right to business without even a hello.

Nun handed over the package, eager to find out what was in it, only to be completely puzzled by the small wand contained inside.

Biting back that tiny speck of satisfaction at seeing the Elf stumped, Nun replied, “Kador, I’m at the Wardens disposal. Bastak was my friend, and for the short time I knew him, he was probably my only friend. He showed me how to use Grun here,” he says pointing to the crossbow over his shoulder.

“He gifted it to me before he went below and asked me to deliver the package. And he told me to leave home if I was smart. I didn’t fit in there, and he knew the road would be best for me. His crossbow, or I should say, my crossbow now, have done right by me in the last 5 years, so if I can do anything to help you all figure out his puzzle, just ask.”


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