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Mages' Tournament

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Wave 1: spiritual weapon, ray of frost, acid splash, staff attack

Leila steps into the center of the mage's meadow and looks at each of the target areas. She looks more calm than she did the day before. She again touches her facial tattoo and whispers a quick prayer in elven. She spins her staff in front of her and slams the end into the ground. A burst of green fade energy flares out around her causing the grass and trees nearby to suddenly burst into full life. Their once wilted and scarred features melt away leaving behind wildlife and nature in its once again pristine visage. The area around her holds onto the faint green glow of her fading magic as she moves into her spell casting. Her facial tattoo flares to life again as the spiritual blade from before springs into life hovering between two of the obstacles.

Her hands blur again as she moves into her next spell. A brilliant blue bolt flies from her hands and strikes a target leaping from the trench. The target explodes in a fluttering shower of multi-hued snow flakes. She moves again and  a viscous ball flows forward striking yet another target. This target continues it arc towards the ground boils and hisses as an acidic cloud billows from the ceramic disc. Just before it strikes the disc explodes into a pool of foul ichor.

She moves again this time spinning her staff. The green bolt leaves the staff and swirls around the meadow like a comet seeking its target. It finds it and smashes the ceramic disc easily. As she clears the fourth target she smiles briefly over her shoulder at Jherek.

Wave 2: spiritual weapon x2, magic missile, ray of frost (enhanced with volatile conduit-dealing additional 1d4)

As the glow fades from the healed landscape she turns towards the targets again. She moves into familiar spells from the rounds previous. Her body moves in a rhythmic pattern. She turns and skips in the field taking on the appearance of dancing as tries to hit each target before it hits the ground knowing she cannot miss anymore without elimination.

Her targets explode in a fireworks display of dyed magical energy. As the blue bolt flares between her hands again it takes on an angry swirl. The air crackles as the drastic temperature difference causes a thermodynamic reaction. The ground is sprinkled with a small shower of snowflakes marking the path that the frozen bolt traveled before slamming into the target causing it to shatter in a burst of icy shards.
Major stunt for both Rounds:

(having rolled for your perception and targeting (when needed) you hit all the targets of each round)

*The crowd, at first bored...slowly starts to get into your performance. There is sporadic clapping and whistling by the end of the second wave. Taking high score for a day previous has already gotten you some honorable mentions. There are mages that also do not miss this day in the first two waves, but they are using brute force tactics...relying on area of effect and frankly higher level spells to keep the crowd entertained and ensure they hit their target. While it works and is somewhat flashy, its very mechanical and devoid of much presentation or style to the non-mage attendee.

For the most part between rounds, the other mages keep their distance, as many are local and are part of the either Cumberland's circle or First Enchanters of the College of Magi. There is one other Dalish mage, but she is whisked away by her friends or handlers so quickly that you did not get a chance to meet. Only last years crowd favorite Zither has any direct comments and tries to strike up a conversation.  A musician as well as a mage, he also brings a certain style to the Mage Meadow competition.  Hidden behind his silver Orlesian mask, he taps it in salute but says with a baudy free marcher accent "Alright!  Now its a show!  Keep it up "Sexy Dalish", and perhaps we will get them to throw their underclothes at us...that's when you know you've got'em! "
Wave 3: spiritual weapon-second casting, magic missile, burning hands

Leila stands in the middle of the field, she takes a small moment to look at each target, trying to form a good plan of attack for each target. She takes a slow deep breath and closes her eyes. Her movements start small, her body starts to sway slightly, her hands flicker by her side. Her eyes flash open and her arms snake up and move through the incantion's movements in large arcing motions. Her body follows the rhythmical patterns as her arms dip and flow around her. She spins towards the target in the middle of the arena throwing three purple comets away from her. They streak towards the ceramic disc which explodes in a sparkling shower of magically infused dye.

As the dust floats to the ground her arms come up and around her head in a great sweeping arc as she mimics one of Jherek's sword work moves directing the already present sword to slice through the recently thrown disc. The sword sweeps through the disc and the dye floats down joining the cloud from the missile. She spins again her arms move in flowing snake like motions around her, floating higher and higher until her hands come together as if in prayer and then like the motions of a butterfly's wings resting on a flower, opening and closing, the light on her facial tattoo. As the spells motions complete her vallaslin flares and frames her forehead in a glistening tiara. She flings another magical blade towards the far tower as a disc becomes visible. The blade again slicing through the target.

Her movements have brought her closer and closer to one of the scaffolds. She sweeps through three large arcing spins trying to line up with where the target should come from. As she makes the last sweep towards the structure her hands flare out in front of her and fire springs forth following her movements like a ribbon.

Wave 4: both weapons atk, magic missile x2

She spins one more time towards the middle of the field, her arms still moving through their magical dance drawing her around the arena once more. She moves through more stances of sword play as she directs the swords towards their flying targets. The purple comets blast two more discs from the sky. Her movements slow as she begins to tire. As her last spell strikes home she grasps her staff and spins it around herself before slamming into the ground. The green healing energy burst around her healing the landscape recently burnt by her spell. She then turns to the crowd with a flourish and bows deeply to them. As she rises she has a shy grin on her face. Her voice rings out clearly. "Thank you for this opportunity to display my magic for you." And she walks off the field leaning on her staff a bit.

When the Orlesian speaks to Leila, she ducks her head towards him shyly. As she listens to him a small frown creases her brow. "I am not familiar with this term sexy. And what is the draw for having the crowd throw their undergarments at us? Does that mean they approve of our performance?"
Jherek moves through the crowd as Leila performs.  He incites the audience to cheer for her and shout encouragement.  He starts rumors by whispering things such as "I hear the Dalish magic is even older than the Circle's," or "Her spells have real style to them, not the dull flailing about of those other mages," and even ""Don't you think those facial tattoos are really sexy?"  He even goes so far as to silence any booing or heckling with an icy glare, or perhaps the steely flash of a quickly seen dagger.
(Again Major stunts for the second two waves)

As the Spirtual weapons do their work, the artful spellcasting of Leila and Jherek's "encouragement" of the crowd begins to have an effect.  Even Zither the minstrel, technically a competitor, gets caught up in the moment and rips off a fluttering lute melody to highlight Leila's better target attacks. "Just mood music for our adoring Dalish" he comments later.

At the end of wave 4, the crowd roars its approval. Even one of the colleges First Enchanter's gives a few spartan claps...high praise from a stern old human mage.

The meadow staff sets up for wave 5, but when its clear Leila is "done"...they clear the field and set up for a new contestant.

Zither nods..."Always go out on a high note, sexy Dalish, have them screaming for more...even if you are too tired to give it to them."

Zither leans down next conspiritorily..."Sexy just means you are very attractive and some would wanna make babies with you. As for the underclothes...its approval of the truly epic kind." It could be a trick of the light, but it seems one of the eyes behind the mask winks.

"I look forward too accompanying you again, sexy Dalish...maybe with some more natural harmonics..." Zither gives a playful but regal bow and walks away humming too himself.
Leila is left speechless by Zither. Her face colors a brilliant crimson that flows all the way to her ear tips at his words and her hands flutter nervously about her, toying with the ends of her hair and making slight adjustments to her clothing. As he bows to her she curtsies awkwardly.

As the next day dawns Leila can be found at the mage's meadow early in the morning. She has her spell books laid open beside her and a few stray pieces of paper in her lap. She stares out at the meadow, looking over each place that the targets come from. She flips through the pages of her book and then writes down a few things on the paper. After a few moments she gets up and moves over to where the crowds gathered the day before and looks at the meadow from their vantage point. She walks around the meadow and stops every now and then to take notes about what she sees. After she completes a circut of the grounds she moves into the middle of the arena and sits down in the well worn grass where all the competitors have stood for the past two days. As she sits she looks at all the natural items around the meadow. Her fingers lightly brush the bruised and torn grass as her face tilts up towards the rising sun. She sits for a few quiet moments just basking in the warm glow of the sun.

After a few moments she gathers her things and then leaves the field, heading back to the inn where she is staying with her group.

Later in the day she approaches the field for the actual competition. Her demeanor is subdued and quiet as she looks over her notes one more time. She takes a deep breath and hands her notes to Jherek. Her eyes meet his briefly and she smiles shyly at him. She takes another deep breath and turns to walk onto the field. Once she reaches the middle of the field she signals that she is ready to begin.

Wave 1: 4 ray of frost

Leila sits down in an almost meditative pose and begins to cast a spell. Her movements are sharp and clean. As the targets rise from the trenches she catches them just above the ground. As they burst they cover the ground in a colorful hoarfrost. The ones that fall from the scaffolding also make it to just about ground level before she strikes them. The arena is slowly covered in glittering multi-hue ice. As she strikes the last target she rises in a slow circle and covers the ground around her in frost as well.

Wave 2: 4 ray of frost

As she stands her spell casting remains the same. She targets the discs higher in the air. As they explode they create a beautiful snowy landscape. Each disc that she hits adds the wintery scene that she started in the round before. As she waits for each disc to be launched she casts the spell high above the crowd where there are the most children. She smiles brightly as the kids squeal with glee at the falling snowflakes.

Wave 3: all staff shots

She unlimbers her staff just before the next round starts. The crowd can see long colorful ribbons tied to the top of the staff. Leila taps it on the ground rhythmically,as she is once more listening to the music of her magic in her head. She spins around the staff pulling the ribbons tightly around the staff. As the first disc launches she picks up the staff and lets go of the ribbons. The staff twirls and spins around Leila. The ribbons flare and contract around the staff as she dances across the meadow. Each time a disc is hit it explodes gently and the pattern almost resembles a flower just coming into bloom. As the last burst settles on the now thawed ground her dancing stops and she stands with her staff erect beside her. The colorful ribbons now interlaced around her staff giving it the appearance of a completed may pole.
(Again Major stunts for the 3 waves)

The crowd roars its approval, and you see many others file into the stands to watch.

You can see a few judges confer to make sure such use of a staff is allowed, but some agreement is reached and your wave and actions are not interupted.

Many of the circle mage initiates/apprentices appear to be the most entheastic at the result, as those spells can be cast by almost all of them. You see respect and admiration in most of their eyes, jelousy in a few others.

Leila hears a familar voice off at the sides of the stands. "Thank you Cumberland, ... you've been a lovely crowd. Now...pipe down and let Sexy Dalish concentrate on the next waves. I'm sure she will be here all week, plenty of time for autographs..."
Wave 4: spiritual weapon, burning hands, 2 magic missile-one as charge from the staff

She pauses for just a moment before she turns towards the crowd and lays down glittering dust across the grass as she begins to move across the ground, the glitter sparkles with her movements taking on the appearance of fireflies winking in the grass. She quickly races across the field to bring her to the obstacle closest to the crowd. She spins through the spell casting and the gout of flame burst forth. The heat from the flames washes over the crowd as the fire devours the ceramic disc. She moves again and the purple comets strike out and crash into another disc at the apex of its flight, exploding into a cascading display of fireworks high above the crowd. In quick succession her staff flicks forward and another brilliant firework joins the first. She spins and twirls through another spell bringing her back to center of the arena. She arches backwards letting the crowd have a better view of her vallaslin as it bursts into life across her forehead. Her arms sweep in a circular motion drawing her upright and moving the sword up through the final disc. The magically charged dust joining the dancing sparkles across the ground.

Wave 5: spiritual weapon casting #2, 2 magic missile

Leila continues to move through her spell casting. Her vallaslin flares even more brightly than before, the exertion bringing sweat to her brow which glistens like jewels across her face in the mystical tiara of her facial tattoos. The second sword flares to life and crosses blades with the first briefly mimicking the blades on the Autumn tourney's banners seen in the city, it then flies to the next obstacle. The blades arc down and then swing up through the discs throwing the dye up in an arc over the trees and nearby scaffolding causing them move through an autumal change of color. The next two discs fly and she throws the purple comets towards them. She tries to aim the explosions so that too high light the color changing leaves of the nature around them.


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